Friday, October 30, 2009

H-H-H- Headbands...

So, I received my first question from a reader and thought it was a great one to share.... "How can I tastefully rock a headpiece?". Great question Molly.

The Blair Waldorf syndrome is contagious and everyone and their mother is hearing headbands these days. LITERALLY! Some, wear it well.... others need an intervention. I think there are a couple rules of headband etiquette.

Rule #1: Size Matters.... uh hummm...headbands! If you go big, make sure it is the right outfit and right occasion. Small says "hello" and large screams "look at me". Keep that in mind.

Rule #2: No glasses.... this includes sunglasses. If you need glasses to see, then you can either wear contacts or be blind for the day. Glasses and a headband is too much head gear and you might end up looking like a fifth grader.

Rule #3: Small earrings. You do not want ear candy that will compete with your lovely headband. So, studs or no exceptions. I would be sure to keep any necklaces in check too. Everything in moderation. Make sure you don't look like you just robbed Claire's Boutique!

Rule #4: Your headband should relate to your outfit. So, if you are wearing a suit for example, you should wear a smaller tasteful headband as in the "business world" it is not acceptable to wear something too distracting. You can still wear one, but I would suggest keeping it smaller. If work in an "not too businessey" office or you want to wear with a dress to event or with jeans and more casual gear... then go wild. Just remember, if you wear a "loud" piece it should be the focus of your outfit, so don't overdue it with the rest of your attire.

Here are some suggestions:
1. Business Attire (black suit, classic shirt under suit), go with something small. It can still be a little "hip"... just not too much! This one is from J Crew and that is probably a good place to get an appropriate suit headband.

2. Weekend Attire/Casual Dinner or Party, go with something that is fun. I envision either of these with cool jeans, some cute flats, a golden yellow cardigan with perhaps some sort of cream ruffle/satin shirt under it. This is a headband sure to get some attention- but is not ooh so loud. There are amazing headbands on if you are not familiar with Etsy.... you better get familiar!

3. Special Occasion Attire (wedding, gala, etc) elegant, be fun, be cool!
Again, the key will headbands is don't overdue it. So, if you wearing a busy bedazzled dress then a headband might be too much.
But, if you are wearing something that is screaming for a "look at me" accessory than a headband just might be it. I envision this one with a little black dress some hosiery and fabulous shoes.

Go rock a headpiece! You can do it! Best places to shop for headbands; Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, J Crew, Nordstroms, Target, and Etsy!

Until Next Time....xoxo

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  1. Loving the headbands... always a great accessory.