Wednesday, October 28, 2009

L Squared=Leigh & Luca

Okay, I am totally, completely and utterly obsessed with Leigh and Luca. If you have not heard of Leigh and Luca.... you are missing out. If it is good enough for Mary Kate, Hillary Duff, Naomi Watts, Lindsey Lohan and others... it is good enough for me, I mean us- Right?

Leigh and Luca are the designers of amazingly versatile and ridiculously cute scarves. I am proud (and a little embarrassed) to admit that I have three. I live in my "Peacock Orange" one on the weekends- great with a sweater, skinny jeans and boots or little black dress. I did not want my orange one to be lonely, so I had to buy my grey one, "Bird Toile Check Stone". (Not to mention it was such a good deal on Gilt Group.) I also had to get it because it soooooooo complements my blue Marc Jacobs. It also looks great with a suit for an an artsy but still corporate look. I mean... where to you find that kind of versatility in life? (Have you noticed how I can justify almost any purchase with at least three reasons? Ladies, that is a skill that comes in incredibly handy once married... trust me!)

Speaking of husbands, my not yet mentioned purple one was my anniversary gift this year. Two years of marriage=cotton! Now .... don't be jealous; he is not that smart, but he does follow directions well. I was worried, my VERY practical husband with only the word cotton as a guide might be led astray! Terrified that I might get a dowdy cotton bathrobe, maybe some Hanes T shirts, or perhaps some socks... I took matters into my own hands. Not only did I tell him that I wanted another Leigh and Luca scarf, I picked out exactly which one I wanted. The most expensive one of course; "Swirl Pink". Well done Hubby .... well done! :)

Check out the scarf selection and the cute illustrations that show the many ways you can wear them on the Leigh and Luca website at:

Additionally, you can find them at,, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodmans and Scoop ... just to name a few! It is a must have for the chilly New England weather here in Boston; but is just plain cute for those of you living in warmer climates. Treat yourself! :)

Until next time.... xoxo

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  1. wher can I find the orange I have been looking for weeks