Monday, November 2, 2009

P is for Pearls! You can never have enough!

So, long pearls are my "signature" style item. I have heard that friends of friends even refer to me as "long pearls". I have many strands and where them in all sorts of ways...with a little black dress, jeans and a T-shirt, a suit, black pants and a cardigan, etc and so on! I love them all; long short, fat, skinny! White are my favorite, but I sport some colored ones from time to time. Pearls cannot look bad-it is impossible. I mostly sport the multiple strand look, so I find the longest stand I can find and wrap them to my hearts content! Pearls look good on those who are preppy, those who are glamourous, those who are sexy, those who are uptight, those who are goth....I could go on and on! Again... versatility at its best!

Sometimes I wear one strand, sometimes two, sometimes three! Sometimes I attach a brooch to the strands for a little extra bling. They are so much "my thing" that I made all my bridesmaids where them and styled them accordingly! How classic, vintage glamorous, and just plain perfect do my beautiful girls look? I got my signature pearls at Target of all places. When I was getting married I literally toured the Targets buying all the strands that they had since some of six bridesmaids wore two strands... I could not get enough! I am kind of a "hoarder" when it comes to strands of pearls! If I see a pair that is longer than what I have or has a cooler clasp that what I have or has "something special"- I buy!

You can find some for yourself at,,, and In my world it is an absolute must have! (Get some small stud earrings to go with them too... if you want to truly live.)

If it is good enough for Mrs. O., Carrie B and Me (and so many others).... it is good enough for you too!
Until next time..xoxo

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