Sunday, November 1, 2009

WTW- What to Wear?

SO, another request for assistance... I am here to help! My friend Beth said she is looking for some dress options for one of the 100 weddings (exaggeration) she is invited to this year. Tired of the little black dress (my uniform), she said she is looking for something fun! This is a good project for me because I can find something printed and out of the ordinary! I am a girl of simplicity in my attire and I save my fun for accessories... so I am venturing into the world of prints for this recommendation for Beth! Beth is tall and thin.... yeah I resent her too. So, she can wear just about anything and look great.

Beth... here is what is behind door #1!!!
Suzie Chin's Charmeuse Sheath Dress- on sale at Nordstroms at this very moment for $98.90. The one shoulder style is very current right now and it looks great on those with amazing arms and shoulders (hate you Beth!). I like this dress because you could wear it in the summer and kick in more pink accessories for the warm weather or throw on some black tights and a cute cardigan and wear it in the chillier weather of fall! Given that it is Boston and it is chilly here now, here are my suggestions for rocking this dress in fall, winter or even early New England Spring. And my dear friend... it will look great on you and it is on sale!

Here are my suggestions on what to wear with this lovely dress this fall. ITEM #1- Fabulous foot and legwear. Black Tights... you can get those just about anywhere. You could also got with a dark grey tight which are very "in" this season and could be super hot with this ensemble. A pump is in order to make you look extra tall and glamourous. A peep toe could be super cute or something like this (left).
I found these (by Nine West) on When I tell people that I buy most of my shoes on they are confused! But, they have the best selection and you can shop by color. Also, you can keep a "wish list" of your favorites for others to buy for you (husband are your reading???) or so you can watch until they go on sale cheap enough for your to buy! Rocks!!!!

ITEM #2 for this outfit, a cute clutch. I found this one on Super sleek, great color and you are supporting artists- which I am always a fan of. Many of the designers on Etsy will do custom orders so you can pick the perfect color if this one is not your favorite. This dress has options so you could sport black, grey and even the light blue that is in the dress. I love this purse- shout out to vintage styling and can hold cell phone, lipstick, breath mints, etc!

ITEM #3- Jewelry of course! This one shoulder style does not lend itself to a necklace, but great earrings are a necessity. Additionally a fun large cocktail ring would be cute. Could not find the right one for this outfit... but still looking! But, back to great earring... again Etsy is where it is at. There are a zillion options big, small, all colors of the rainbow and very unique! I think either of these would be a great fit for the occasion and the outfit!

I am still at work Beth and will have other suggestions as we blog on!

Until Next Time....xoxo (yes, I do heart gossip girl.... in a very big way!)

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