Friday, November 20, 2009

B! Bright Idea.... a new Chandelier!

So, it is hard to motivate to do much of anything. As I write it is cold and ... and I am under a blanket on the couch with HGTV on and the Mac on my lap online shopping for the perfect dining room chandelier. It is harder than you would think!

Our dining room has come a long way since we moved in 2.5 years ago. This is the only room in our whole house that we did not paint when we moved in. We did not have dining room furniture so we put a tiny round table in there when we moved it in.... it looked ridiculous. I scored the jackpot soon after when I found the perfect table on Craigslist for $225 (including 6 chairs). AMAZING! It was just what I was looking for.... a worn, classic but shabby farm table. Photo to the right shows our dining room for Easter last year. Added in another small table for larger group. The clock was left to us from my husbands grandfather. Since the table, I added a sideboard from Brimfield Antique Market and really that is about it. Now, I am preparing to finish it off!

I just painted the legs of the table (leaving the top stained) and am motivating to do the chairs next (dreading becuase painting chairs sucks). I am going for a semi shabby chic/paris flea market look. I want a bright airy room you can socialize in comfortably and not worry about spilling wine! (Which the husband often does!) The table top has had a life... which I LOVE! The final items I need to purchase include a chandelier and some new window treatments. Right now we have a lovely brass s circa 1980 chandelier in there and discount cheapy curtains! I found a few chandelier options online that I am thinking about. I have had trouble finding a white or ivory chandelier that is large enough for a dining room. Also, the husband originally said no "baubles" (his word for crystal or jewels). He has come around and it permitting a few baubles. Thanks you husband! There are lots of cute options online at baby or children's sites like the, or, but often they are too small. The other hard part is pricetag. Unfortunately I cannot spend more than $200 or so. My husband is cheap.... uh hum... I mean fiscally responsible. I think the first one is what I am going with given it size and also price!

I am ready to finish this room... no more work in progress. Chandlier, window treatments, accessories, paint chairs, grandparents china and voila! Stay tuned!

Here are a few of my dining room inspiration photos....

Until next time....xoxo


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