Saturday, November 28, 2009

H...H...H....Hot for Tights!

So, I have started embracing the dress a lot more this year. It is so easy! You don't need to think about coordinating top and bottom or sweater with blouse. You just put it on... maybe throw on a cardigan and some jewelry ....great shoes and you are done! One of my favorite new additions to the dress are a great pair of patterned tights. (These to the left are Chanel and are perfect... as Chanel always is!) Sometimes I keep it simple black dress, black tights, colored cardigan and run out the door! Especially when you are running late- you don't have time for all the accoutrements! But, sometimes you want a little flavor added.... what to do?

Add some great patterned tights- simple or bold! With a basic black dress... they become the statement of your outfit. If you don't know what you are doing- I suggest you start simply and keep it to sold black tights with a black on black pattern (herringbone pattern, check, argyle, etc). But- after you ease into that- you can take off the training wheels and work your way up to something a bit bolder....animal print, plaid, polk dots and more! Below you will find a little sampling of some hot little tights. I tried to fit a lot on the page... there are a lot of options! I think the burberry plaid or the purple and black damask are my favorites! You can find patterned anywhere from Forever 21, Macys, Kohls, and beyond!

Know your audience... depending on your office environment....nothing too flashy!! (Serena here would be an example of flashy.... particularly because her skirt is sooooo short!) But, give a classier look a shot- you won't be disappointed. It looks hip and sophisticated and you can make it look like you put some thought into your outfit... even if you did not!

Go off those legs! Until Next Time...xoxo

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