Saturday, November 14, 2009

M is for Max for the Minimum...TJ Maxx!

Okay.... anyone who knows me will tell you that I heart TJ Maxx. If you ever need to buy me a gift... a TJ Maxx Gift Card will always do! When I have a free Sunday to myself .... I have been known to tour the suburbs of Massachusetts hitting my favorite TJ Maxxs, Homegoods and Marshalls. I have gotten some AMAZING deals there. My most recent amazing deal is this Ted Baker Dress (left). I found it tucked in the clearance section for $40. Holy Crap! I said to myself..... if this does not fit.... I will beepity bleep. Luckily, it fit.

This dress, "The Lei Dress" retails for $265.... did I mention I got it on clearance for 40 bucks! It is currently on sale at for $159. I mention I got it for 40 bucks, right? I wore it to work recently (it is longer on me than in the photo) with patterned tights and a cute cardigan. The buttons down the back of the dress are hot. That is all I can say... hot. (Though... my husband was confused as to why they were there... men never get it. But, he too thought I looked he said at least 4 times!)

This coat makes the list of my best TJ Maxx deals ever. Last year, near the end of winter season I got a $1845 Alberta Ferretti coat for $180 dollars. Holy Crap. HOLY CRAP. The coat is soooo incredible. See it on StyleHive if you don't believe me:
When I wear this coat ... I feel like a celebrity. I am afraid to take it off... worried that someone might try to steal it! "Can I check your coat miss?".... ummm "Hell No!"

One of my other top purchase is my Alice and Olivia beaded dress (I wear it as a top- it is very short)... do you see a pattern. I love beading! This dress too was tucked deeply into the clearance section at TJ Maxx. It was marked down to $39.99. Folks, this dress retails for $385. Now... that really is the maxx for the minimum.

God, just writing about this stuff makes me want to go to TJ's... right now! When I am happy, sad, stressed- TJ Maxx is my spot!
Happy Bargain hunting. Until next time....xoxo

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