Tuesday, November 17, 2009

W! Winter Wonderful...

Currently in San Francisco and loving the west coast weather! But, I know in a matter of days I will be returning to Boston winter... well I actually don't think it is even technically winter yet, but it has snowed here in Boston more than once already... and it is early! Time to get some warm weather but still cute gear.... right?

There is no denying that I love accessories. So, although I hate winter, it is does provide an opportunity to get some cute cold weather gear. Hats, gloves and scarves... oh my! Hats in particular are a weakness. Well... really coats are, but then I need a hat for each coat! I mean.... obviously! Whether you are sporty, outdoorsy, or and urbanite.... there is something adorable for you. Oh yeah... and you will stay warm.

My favorite places for this gear.... well really, all over. TJ MAXX, Urban Outiftters, Forever 21, Nordstroms, but really anywhere! I put this little "set" together on Polyvore to show you a few different options in different styles. 1. "The Hip, look outdoorsy but not outdoorsy look. Earflaps and all!" 2. "The traditional, lots of knit, warm and comforting. Is what winter should be." 3. "The trendy super stylish look with ruffles, plaid, bows and more!"

Look Wonderful in the Winter

Isn't winter wonderful.... well not really. But, you better get ready anyways! :)

Until Next Time....xoxo

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