Sunday, November 29, 2009

X.... X-Mas Decorating

Okay.... whether we want to believe it or not... the holiday season is here. The husband and I typically go and buy our tree at the local ice cream joint turned tree lot, but this year he wanted to take me into the scary wilderness. I mean... cut down our own tree. This sounded like a lot of unnecessary work to me- but marriage is about compromise right? So, we are venturing with my sister and her husband (much more rugged than me) into the woods, I mean tree farm to cut down our own tree. I wanted to share some holiday inspirations....

I am a self professed holiday decorating snob. I think your holiday decorations should continue the "look" of your style and home. If you are not tacky year round... why bring out all the velvet santas and glittery snow-men at the holidays? Also, I like my tree to match the room it is in. Our family room where the tree goes has blue walls with a beige couch and sage green accents. To coordintate, my tree is blue and silver... that is it. I like it to look cohesive and pretty! Christmas does not have to be just red and green! If you room is white- add aqua. (see below) If you are shabby chic- keep it to pink and silver. Nothing is classier than a monochromatic gold scheme (or silver).

My true holiday decorating secret is that I buy all my holiday decor at Homegoods after Christmas when it is on super sale. I typically stick to metal or wood items; trees, stars, sleighs, and deer and then I spray paint everything (mostly white but except a few black items for the living room). I will share some photos once I have my house decorated! I am kind of a addicted to spray paint. It does amazing things!

My favorite site for inspiration is Country Living (many of these photos below are from their site).

But, a quick google search will share some other photos of fancy. (I am DEFINITELY doing the pinecone tree below. Gotta collect me some pinecones!)



Love a good theme... ties it all together!


Monochromatic Beauty!


Creative and Classic Mantel!

I am so doing this! Brillant!

Pink, Green and Silver....simplicity!


LOVE the yellow daises used in the tree and mantel!

Amazingly beautiful and serene! This is one of my favorites!

Go.... wrap "fake" presents in pretty colors, spray paint anything, and match your holiday decor to your room! You will be impressed with your craftiness.... I promise!

Until Next Time....xoxo

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  1. Colored lights vs white light? What's your thoughts?