Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BBBBBBB Bullseye.... Target!

So, Accessorizing is where it is at! I always say I dress "plain" just so I can wear statement piece shoes and jewlery! I splurge on a quality item here and there.... my weakness is vintage jewelry. But, I also hit a variety of "chain" stores: Target, Forever 21, Macys, and so on for some quality fashion jewelry.

I have been eyeing some great jewelry at both Banana Republic and J Crew, but was not crazy about the pricetag! In search for some great but less expensive options- I perused Target and found some great items. Check it out for yourself! These blue and gold earrings to the left are my favorite! Soooo gorgeous and cheap!

Here are some of my favorite selections.

Consider them "Courtney's Picks" It is just as good as Rachel Zoe... right! :)

Statement piece- great with jeans and cute top!

Usually more of a silver than gold person- but this bracelet caught my eye!

Love clunky, love black, love silver, love this!

This is a great piece- very trendy right now. Layered, jeweled and flower!

These would be great with little black dress. They would steal the show! Very "Oscars"!

Run, run, run to your local Target! These items are so cheap- you can afford to get all of them!

Until Next Time...xoxo

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