Wednesday, December 30, 2009

C! Craigs List! Love it!

I am kind of obsessed with buying furniture... even though we don't need any! Some people take in stray cats.... I take in end tables and chairs and desks and....! I am in love with Craigs List. We got an adorable wrought iron couch for our sun porch for $80 bucks. It is perfect! Also, our prize find is our $200 dining room table and 6 chairs. It is a very worn farm table that I am in the process of improving. It was an all light wood color (mostly from wearing). I saw its potential immediately! I painted the table legs white and need to do the chairs next... also white. I will then darken the top a bit with a fresh coat of stain.... but will still preserve the very worn look. When done it will look 5x its price! I am hoping to find patio furniture next!

There are amazing things on Craigs List. Yes, you have to go to a stranger's house. (BRING A FRIEND.) Yes, you may drive somewhere random (GET OUT THE GPS) and then you may not like it in person (CONSIDER IT AN ADVENTURE). But, when you find a jackpot item.... so worth it. You often need to paint, re-upholster or clean what you get. But, a project makes you feel like you accomplished something! Be proud!

Here are some of my current Boston Craigs List finds!

These chairs are amazing. Navy blue wool looks in good shape.... $25 a piece (5 available). Tape off the upholstery and paint the trim a bright color (pink maybe?) or white! They could be so amazing!
Gossip Bench.... love them! Paint this any color and re-cover seat in a fun fabric. Perfect for a hall or foyer... $45 Bucks!
$150.... paint a fun color (I have aqua on the brain), recover the seat, and voila! Gorgeous!
I think this chair is amazing for $100! I see this painted in black with a fun bold print to recover the seat! Or... paint the chair white with a rose or flower print cover on seat... kind of shabby chic. There are so many options!
$225 for this.... a splurge ... but so cute! Just recover the seat and bolsters in amazing fabric and you are done! If you have the right spot... perfect!

Ohhh Craigs List.... how I love you! Until next time.....xoxo

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