Thursday, December 3, 2009

F is for Favorite. One of My Favorite Things!

Okay, so thought I would give a shout out to Oprah and share one of my favorite things! It is truly something I use EVERY day and I love it! My sister and her husband gave it to us for Christmas last year; it was a great gift! I have shared my love of this item with everyone I know. What is it you ask? Soda Stream Seltzer Maker! Who does not love carbonated water? It just makes water seem more exciting!

There are several different models- costs ranging from $90 bucks to $200 bucks! It comes with the bottles (and you can buy more). When the machine runs out of carbonation- you simply buy a replacement online (it is delivered to your door) or at a variety of Boat Stores or other locations. Pop the carbonator cartridge into the gadget and you are good to go again. Most models come with two carbonator cartridges so you can refill but still use the Soda Stream.

You can drink it straight up or add some ice or some lemon or lime.
Additionally, you can buy syrup from the site to make your own soda or flavored sparkling water. The orange soda is my favorite. We also keep the tonic syrup in stock at my home for a gin and tonic at a whim. This item got a lot of use this summer.... lots of fresh mint meant MOJITOS! I got addicted to making raspberry lime rickeys this past summer! That is now my get home from work drink! It is so thirst quenching! Just add the juice of one lime and a tablespoon of raspberry syrup (available at Amazon), seltzer and ice and voila!

You can buy your own SodaStream Seltzer Maker online at their website. Additionally, you can buy them at most BJ's Wholesale Stores, Sears, and Williams Sonoma. Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift or both!

Bubbly bubbly! Until Next Time... xoxo

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