Thursday, December 17, 2009

G! GIFT IDEAS... there is still time!

Okay, so the brother-in-law emailed in a panic last week. What to get my sister? I sent him in the direction of Etsy.... my afforementioned favorite place to shop! You can get amazing things in this "ebay for artists" type site! Jewelry, artwork, clothes and so much more. All special becuase they are made my hand with love!

If you are like Mr. Brother-In-Law and waited till the last minute- there is still time. Check out some of my favorite items on sale at Etsy!

Wren Handmade has adorable items! Order by Thursday! These hair clips are adorable!

Orange Beautiful's 12 Months of Prints! Love these, been eyeing these for myself! Husband- are you there? You will need to expedite shipping if you order from him/her, but you can do it!
Mia Beads has great and affordable jewelry! There is still time to order from her and she is offering holiday prices! This locket is super cute!

Just Another Day has all things paper... notecards, prints, etc! How cute is this Retro Lady print? Order with priority shipping.

Alicia Bock Photography ... one of my favorites. I bought two of her photos last Christmas for my sister and my sister-in-law. Love them! Order soon!

Cut & Paste Print has "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters in a variety of colors. These are all the rage these days! Get one for someone you love and one for you too!

Little Black Rabbits Shop has a variety of splendors. I heart this clutch BIG TIME!

Kate's Shop has adorable knitted items like this hat! I have a hat obsession and there a ton of cute options on Etsy.... search for yourself!

For all you last minuters... time really is running out! Get the one you love something cute, thoughtful and from Etsy!
Until Next Time...xoxo

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