Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYEC: New Year's Eve Cocktail!

Wow, it is almost 2010. Scary.

Well, to ring in the new year appropriately .... you need a killer cocktail! Given that it is so cold outside... I had brandy on the brain!

My cocktail suggestion to say good bye to 2009 is a Brandy Alexander! Although it is one of my favorite libations, I have not had it in a while! A few New Year's ago... I kind of over did it with the Brandy Alexanders. Warning: They are delicious and can lead to heavy intoxication!

Here is the recipe:

2 ounces brandy
1/2 ounce dark crème de cacao
1/2 ounce heavy cream or half-and-half

Preparation: Combine brandy, crème de cacao, and cream in a mixing glass with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a 6-ounce cocktail glass and sprinkle nutmeg over top, to taste.

Make yourselfe one... or two .... or three! It is especially perfect as a dessert beverage as it is sweet! It tastes very holiday so what better time of year to drink it!

Happy New Year! Until Next Time....xoxo

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