Friday, December 18, 2009

S- Santa can you hear me? I want a kitchen for Christmas!

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl this year. Can I please have white quartz countertops, a new sink, hardwood floors and a new backsplash of subway tiles in my kitchen? Please!!!

I have kitchen envy... all the time. We bought a house that had a "updated" kitchen. At the time that seemed like a good idea since I did not think we were too handy. Now, I wish I could gut it and do it just as I want it. Some people are afraid of picking out all the details- this sounds like heaven to me.

We have cherry cabinets that are too nice to rip out- so I have to keep those... at least for a while. But, hardwood floors instead of black tile would really brighten up the space which is quite dark. Additionally, I hate our cheap-ass countertops. They do match the floors... but they are cheap and ugly. Quartz... oh how I love you....shiny and bright....crisp and clean.

This is a inspiration photo that keeps me going when I fall into my kitchen depression. I cannot quite remember where I found it. I love the combo of white and wood. It looks "crisp" but comfortable. The husband got a new car.... now I get a kitchen. Doesn't that seem fair? Marriage is about compromise and making each other happy! Don't you think so husband?

Happy wife... happy life. Right? Until Next Time....xoxo

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