Wednesday, December 16, 2009

S! Shoe of the Day....

Okay.... another shoe of the day update! I just bought these adorable flats.... in navy! I am a bit obsessed with navy right now!! They retail for $118 but are currently on sale at for $47. Um...hello... that is 60% off!

What do I love about these .... what do I not love about these? Embellished... CHECK! Pleats.... CHECK! Colorful Jewels... CHECK! Perfect shade of navy... CHECK! PERFECTION!!!!!

Hmmm... how will I wear these? I see them with black pants, navy silk cami (to match shoe) and a mustard or purple cardigan. Throw on a layer or two of colored bead necklaces... and voila! Also will be super cute in springtime when I can have bear legs with navy dress or white capris and navy or yellow top!

They also have them in pink and yellow- both which are super cute. But with the navy addiction I currently have, I of course needed these. Really... husband... I did! Did I mention they were 60% off?

Shoes! Shoes and more shoes! Until Next Time...xoxo

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