Monday, January 18, 2010

S.C.= Salvage Chic! Antiques....

This past summer cruising Craigs List I came across some postings from a store in Pembroke, Massachusetts. It is called Salvage Chic Antiques. One lovely day I decided to take a trip to the store and check it out! They have great stuff and the prices are fabulous! The website is great as the woman there keeps it up to date daily! She will put items on hold if you see something you love (details on website).

The day I went I left with two items. One (old record player cabinet) which I have no place for currently and is sitting in my basement was $55. The other, a tiny black set of drawers fits perfectly in my living room in a small space between two windows. I cannot totally remember what I paid for it.. but I think it was like $50. It was in great condition and already painted a shiny black. I am constantly perusing their site to see if there are any other items I must have.

Here are some of the current items the website all ranging around the $150 or so range (give or take a $20). I must have dressers on the brain! :)

This one is on sale cheap for $89.... for table and chairs. Perfect for small kitchen (pair with china cabinet above) or even living room for cute gaming area.

This is adorable too for just $89. I have one just like it at the foot of bed in guest room!

They also have cute accouterment (dishes, wall decor, linens, etc). Check it out! Until next time....xoxo

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