Monday, January 4, 2010

F.F.P. - Frenchy French Perfume! L'Occitane!

Three years ago a tradition was started and I did not even know it! The husband and I were at the mall and stumbled into L'Occitane. He stated that I should get a perfume and so I tried on a few and we decided upon Cherry Blossom. It was early spring and it smelled just right for my frame of mind! It is soft and clean.... not too chemical or alcohol-ish. It smells femine and pretty with soft tones of cherry blossoms and freesia.

Cherry Blossom or Fleurs de Cerisier Eau de Toilette is just lovely!

The following Christmas, I was running low on my Cherry Blossom scent. The husband was stuck on what to get me, so I suggested he get me a new perfume at L'Occitane. I remembered that I loved most of the scents in that store, so I figured he could not go wrong. I was right. He got me the Feu de Orange (Blood Orange). It is a scent I would never have picked out for myself .... but I love it. It is the perfect fall or winter scent in that it just smells warm. It is a blend oils of the blood orange and other citrus fruits from the Mediterranean and has a touch of woodsy notes as well. I get more compliments on this scent than any other I have ever had. Often when I hug someone hello or goodbye, they pull away and say "you smell amazing", what is that? Men and women both love it!

Feu de Orange or Blood Orange.... is simply amazing!

This year, the husband picked me out another L'Occitane scent. This year it is Peach Blossom. As the website says "it smells like an orchard baked in sunshine".... .warm, crisp and clean. It is peachy without being too fruity and flowery without being too flowery. It is another favorite... I really think you cannot go wrong with L'Occitane scents. There are some I like more than others... but all are great!

Peach Blossom or Fleurs de Pecher.... my newest scent! Yummy!

While you are there.... get some matching hand cream! Their creams are also amazing! Until next time....xoxo

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