Wednesday, January 6, 2010

G.I.G.= Gift I Gave..... Revealed!

I gave my sister some cool stuff this year! At least I think so. I will share my favorite gift to her later this week! I am waiting for her to send me the photo!
But... I have her a few things! If you have read my early posts.... you probably saw my LOVE of Leigh and Luca scarves. I am totally obsessed with them.... really, I may need an intervention! They are my weekend uniform. I have three... soon to be four (thanks to one day sale at Blue Fly)!

I got this one below for my sister for Christmas. I bought it and wanted to keep it for myself, but in the spirit of giving.... forced myself to give it to her. She had coveted one of mine, so I think she is happy to have one for herself! It is a great gift to give!

Sister... do you love it? You will! I promise!

If you need a reminder from my last Leigh and Luca post. I have these ones!

From Gilt Group Sale:

"Cotton" Anniversary Gift (I picked it out). Thanks husband!

My first! Gift from my stylish sister-in-law that started my obsession!

Peacock Feathers Orange

Newest Addition....I needed a black one... duh!

Silver Roses Black (on its way to me right now!) Thanks to one day sale at Blue Fly! Also, googled Promo Code and found $20 bucks off order (PurseBlog20). Got it for a steal!

Sooooo cute! You can buy online at the Leigh and Luca website plus a few other places including Blue Fly, Revolve Clothing, and of course... ebay.

I know... I know. I have already talked a lot about these scarves already. Sorry, but I cannot help myself! Obsessed.... really obsessed!

Until next time....xoxo

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