Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Gift! GG= Custom Silhouette Pendant

Okay- my first unveiling of some of the gifts I gave this year! My favorite is my gift to my sister. I stumbled across this website called simply silhouettes.... love it! They do custom silhouette anything! I have my eye on pillows for my house, but back to the gift. I gave my sister a pendant with hers and her husbands silhouettes on it. (Style to left) It looks so much like them... it is scary! This site is great becuase you get to picky style, colors, everything! I was hoping to do a charm with my niece's silhouette too, but she is too little. Maybe next year!

This is a sampling of their charms- you can do necklace or bracelet!

I got her the rectangular one with two silhouettes. I did a color combo of mocha, cream and black so she can wear with everything! Yes, you do have to figure out how to get profile photos. Since I am always up to something, this was easy for me. She had no idea why I was asking for these!
Here are the photos I sent to Simply Silhouettes...

And.... here is the proof they sent me before they made the pendant! They even got little tufts of hair at the front of the brother-in-laws head! Amazing!
Here is the sister wearing the necklace!

I want to make one for myself next! Until next time....xoxo

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