Wednesday, January 20, 2010

L.S. Lip Service...

My lips are in need of some TLC! I think it is the combination of cold wintery days and my abuse of long lasting lipstick which is TERRIBLE for your lips! So, I have cut myself off for the time being and am focusing on lip rehab!

I have a few must have products that are kind to your lips!

In place of my long lasting lipstick, I use Prada Lip Tints! These babies are great. They come in a set of small little tubes so you can keep one in your office, one in your purse, one in your car, etc to use throughout the day. The lip tint is smooth and moisturizing and not at all sticky. They come in 5 or so tints and run about $38 for box of 8. I know.... expensive, but worth it. I bought 6 boxes a few years ago at TJ Maxx because they were $7.99. That is a hot deal! I always look for them, but have never seen them there again. You can buy at Neiman Marcus, and ebay.

During the day...
Throughout the day I apply Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm. This is your standard lip balm but with a hint of color. I have pale lips.... so the hint of color is key for me! This balm leaves my lips soft and smooth! You can get this at most any drugstore and of course and

Before going to bed I apply one of two things.....both are great all purpose balms. I use whichever one I see first. For both, in addition to lips you can use on blemishes, dry knuckles, cuts, etc. Both are AMAZING for lips! If I apply at night...I wake up with chapped free lips!

The first is Smith's Rosebud Salve (I have mentioned this one before.) You can get it at sephora,, amongst other places!
The second is Paw Paw Ointment. I got this when I was in Australia and I loved it so much I bought like 5 tubes. I was worried I would not find in US. This stuff is great. It is made in Australia from Papaya. My lips love it! Go to their website to learn more. This is a bit tricky to find in the US. You can get it on ebay of course and online at Natural Health Organics 0r Golden Glow. Apparently Golden Glow ships to US for only $3.50. Buy a bunch!

Now that is some lip service. Until next time....xoxo

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  1. Hello, Ms. Courtney,

    Did you know that Jan. 14 was "De-Lurk Day"? I didn't. Anyway, I thought I'd post a comment for a couple reasons: 1) I thought it was time I tell you that I am reading all your posts and that I am enjoying them very much (you have a good spirit when you write your posts, and 2) just to say that Memere and Pepere had silhouettes made of all the kids once when we were in Disneyland in 1964. They hung on the wall until Pepere moved into the apartment. I still have mine and will be rehanging it as soon as I recover from our renovation.

    And now I've realized I've commented on the wrong post, but I can't cut and paste this to the silhouette post for some reason. :)

    Hugs to you and the nephew.

    Aunt Jan