Friday, January 8, 2010

M-A-P! Places I have visited map!

Oh the places I could go! This is pretty cool and right now.... I am thinking of being anywhere but here! I am obsessed with travel.
I hope to visit every state in the US at some point... 17 states more to go. My other goal is to visit every continent. So far I have gone to Asia, Australia, and Europe (and of course North America). I still have Africa (my dream vacation), Antarctica (this will be hard to talk the husband into), and South America (Peru.... perhaps). If I were not saving for kitchen floor and countertops... I would be harassing my husband to go on another trip ASAP! I get a weekly top 20 travel deals email sent to me via Travel Zoo.... which is just torture. There are amazing deals to travel right now! Need an example... how about a Upscale Package Trip to India w/Tours, Elephant Ride & Airfare for $999 ! Freaking steal! I would love to go to India. Is Europe your thing, how about Ireland 5-Star Summer Vacation incl. Air for $799!
Looking at my map, I clearly need to hit middle America! I got the left and the right covered!

visited 33 states (66%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

Oh, if only a vacation were in my future! Go near.... go far! Until next time...xoxo

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