Friday, January 15, 2010

S! Shoe of the Day....

It is cold outside today, but I am dreaming of warmer days, dresses and cute sandals! My toes want to feel the warm air of spring! Well... I will have to wait a few more months for that! But, a girl can dream! So, looking deep into the depths of my shoe closet, I want to share with you another pair of my favorite shoes. These are made by "Oh Deer!". They make insanely cute shoes. They are often very pricey ... so I always watch until they go on sale. I got these ones the "Geneva" in pink for $24. I really wanted the green ones, but they were not on sale and for $112 vs. $24.... could not justify it. I get TONS of compliments on them. They look so cute with dresses or capris or jeans and they are quite comfy to boot! I am really into animal prints these days. Not in the Grrrr..... Cougar way, but rather in though in a "only one animal print per outfit" limited and tasteful way!

What is not to look about these peep toe, flat, pony hair and giraffee print (animal which i did not yet have). Now again...winter here in Boston....I won't be wearing these for a while, but I look forward to whipping them out once spring hits or maybe a Caribbean vacation this winter? Honey, are you reading?

Until Next Time...xoxo

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