Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A.... Anthropologie!

Anthropolgie! It is my favorite store. If I won the lottery... it would be my first stop. The have great stuff at lots of different pricepoints! I giggled when I learned that another blogger out there has an obsession dedicated to her obsession with Anthropologie. Check Anthroholics blog out!

A lot of the stuff in Anthropologie is often out of my price range, but not all of it. Their accessories are especially amazing and totally worth the splurge!

How amazing are these accessory items?

This one, the Pouf-Pouf Necklace is on sale... um... hello. $15 bucks!
Jeweled Stream Necklace.... so lovely. $158... a bit out of my price range. I will be watching for this baby to go on sale!

$58 Cubist Chandelier earrings.... so lovely.

Cute scarf...the Fruited Curlicue Scarf is perfect for spring. $78

Triple Strand Headband... cute x 3! $32

Anthropology.... I love you. Until next time....xoxo

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