Thursday, February 25, 2010

B & B: Board and Batten... PART TWO!

Okay... the moment is here. The unveiling of our "Board and Batten" bedroom project. This project literally took a weekend.... start to finish! Totally do-able. We won the lottery at Home Depot! It was quiet so the guy cut all or MDF into two and three inch strips for us. So nice (totally worth the $20 tip we slipped him). Saved my husband a few fingers and a TON of time!This project was easy and it did not break the bank either!

MDF (Boards and Batten)…...$40
Tip to Home Depot Guy…......$20
Paint and Primer…………….....$60
Liquid Nails Adhesive…….......$15
TOTAL COSTS…………………..$145

I picked my friend Shannon's (aka Project Shannon) brain about how to do this (they did a more detailed/complicated version). We simplified, but she gave me the "what I would do next time" spiel. Very helpful! I found instructions online at Apartment Therapy. I basically followed these instructions (although did changed some dimensions). We did 1/2 inch mdf for the board and the battens. The Battens were 3 inches wide and the boards 2 inches wide. The width between each board was around 14 inches. We did some math based on the dimensions of the room!


Did not take photos until we started this project so don't mind the unmade bed and crap everywhere! :)

In progress.... disaster zone!


I freaking love it! I love it more than I even thought I would. It makes the room "masterful" and really brightens it up with all the white!

We still might add a small piece of molding to top of batten, but want to live with this a while to see how I want to finish it. Needs a few paint touch-ups OCD needs to step away though! I think I might need new bedding now too, but don't tell my husband! I am rethinking what was up on the wall too... so have not rehung anything. So, in short, when the room is fully accessorized... I will share photos again. But, for now... this is it!
Oh, home projects! Rest up honey, I have more for you to do. Next up.... breakfast nook! Stay tuned dear readers!

Until next time.......xoxo


  1. Hey, it looks sweet! and Devin had me impressed when you all did the little bathroom. Memere always said you have to look out for the quiet ones. See? What other talents are hidden within that boy? :)

  2. Oh I am so excited! Thank you! Thank you! You gave me all the instructions and pictures and where to get it! Someone who knows what I'm talking about!!! Do a little dance.......

  3. Your bedroom looks wonderful! I especially love the wall color - so you know the name? I am going to do this project on my master bedroom - and am looking for inspiration. Your photos were inspiring!