Wednesday, February 10, 2010

B is for Beer.... or brewing.

So, tonight I have a night to myself. My husband is off with a few friends utilizing my Christmas gift to him. It is a great gift. With Valentines Day coming... thought I would share with all of you!
I got the husband a gift certificate to IncrediBrew.... a brew your own beer or wine place! I imagine they have these type of places all over the country, but this one is in Nashua, New Hampshire. My friend went there and made wine and said it was yummy. I will look forward to sampling it for myself.

They boys... I mean men... decided to make wine this time and want to make beer when spring comes. I will get to sample both! Yippee!

Check it out online at:

While the husband it out brewing.... I will be home feet up, chic flick on the TV, fashion magazine in hand, eating cereal for dinner. Delightful! Everyone is happy!

Cheers! Until Next Time...xoxo

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