Monday, February 22, 2010

S for Settee... how I love thee!

I have always had a thing for settees... yet I do not have one! I want one and if I were to buy one, this would be it!

Unfortunately, I don't "need" it right now and it was already sold out on Rue La La by the time I found it. It is the Safavieh "Francoise" Alder Settee. (Left) It retails for $2,000 but was on Rue La La for $1499. What a steal! Love you Rue La La!

Someday... this will be mine. When it time to redesign my living room (unfortunately years and years away), I have a dream of a rich, monochromatic/achromatic room. As much as I love color, I think a monochomatic living room is sophisticated and elegant (but without trying to hard).

My new living room might look like one of these, but with a settee of course!

Oh so much decor... oh so little money! Well, there are lots of good deals on Rue La La.... furniture or clothes or handbags or whatever!

If you don't know Rue La La, you should. It is invitation only shopping where you can get to amazing deals. How does it work? Let me tell you. Each morning you get an email listing the designers on sale that day. The sale starts promptly at 11am and is open for 2 days (but the good stuff goes quick!). These designer items which include housewares, clothing, jewelry and more (everything from very high end to less high end) are on sale for an amazing discount. Check it out.

Consider yourself invited! Click here to join... I think you are special enough and cool enough. After all, you are reading this blog!

Rue La La.... I love you. Achromatic decor... I love you. Settees... I love you. Until next time...xoxo

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