Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The other day on gilt group I came across the Maya Brenner jewelry sale and her state charm necklaces. Love them! What better way to share your state pride! Of course, by the time I got on gilt group, Massachusetts was sold out. If you too missed out.... you can buy directly online. They have options in both gold and silver.

Celebrities are all over Maya's State Charms. If it is good enough for Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, and Rachel Bilson.... it is good enough for us! Right? These babies start at $120 bucks for silver and run up to $300 for the gold ones with small diamond.

If these are outside of your budget right now... I of course have another budget friendly option for you! Where... at Esty of course. Check out Truche's shop and the United States of Love Collection. These are freaking adorable and run $50.

I really want the Massachusetts charm. Either of these lovely options would do. I actually cannot figure out which option I like more. They are both adorable! It is soon to be Valentine's Day.... maybe someone else will decide for me. Honey... are you reading?

These are the perfect gift for a friend who is moving away, for someone who is going off to college or for someone who is just plain full of state pride!

Show of yours! Until next time.... xoxo

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