Monday, February 1, 2010

TBPT......Twin Beds Pushed Together! Ingenious!

There is a war at my house. War of the covers! I tell my husband if he did not run our thermostat as a dictatorship... we would not have this problem. But- we do. I am freezing just about all the time. The husband steals the covers when he is not stealing my pillow. I jokingly came across a photo of a master bedroom that was two twin beds pushed together and said that this is what our next step was. Two twin beds... each with their own sheets, bedspread and coverlet. Throw on a queen size duvet at the end that spreads over the two beds to give the illusion of one bed and some throw pillows.... voila! Restful Perfection!

Well all joking aside, I think these are pretty darn cute bedrooms that are utilizing twin beds to make one bed!

This first photo is what started it all! Two matching beds that share nothing but a headboard!

Room with a view.

Twin beds as one tucked away. Shh... we are hiding?

Restful Blue Oasis

These next two photos of Coastal Living by way of Elements of Style. Beautiful!

I've collected some great photos of very separate twin beds that I will share another day. But, alas... off to my queen sized bed to battle over the duvet!

Until Next Time...xoxo

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