Tuesday, February 9, 2010

V! Valentine's Day Gifts for her!

Yes, time is running out to get a Valentines' Day gift! Tomorrow I will tell you about my my new favorite gift for him. Today, here are some great finds for her. There are many options to get lingerie, chocolates, flowers... etc. I say go straight to the real deal.... jewelry.... and straight to the blue box.

I have never ever heard of any woman getting handed a tiny blue box and not losing her mind with joy. I witnessed it myself when I gave my sister the Tiffany "Bean" necklace when she graduated from college. She did not even care what was in it. Believe it or not you can get some reasonable priced items at Tiffany's. (You can actually search by "under $15o).

Here are my favorite options from Tiffanys!

The Tiffany Bow Pendant.
This would be the one I would want. Hint. Hint. Husband, are you there? $100.... great price and cute gift!

The Tiffany Horseshoe Pendant
$150 bucks of cuteness! Who does not need a lucky horseshoe?
The Tiffany Heart Key Charm
They have some adorable key pendants. This baby is $150 bucks. Adorable.
"Return to Tiffany" Heart Pendant Tag
Classic. Timeless. Tiffany staple. $100.
"Tiffany Notes" Bar Pendant
Simple and pretty. Wear this every day.... $100.
There are a ton of affordable options and all come in that precious blue box!

Until Next Time....xoxo

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