Wednesday, February 3, 2010

W & T! Work & Travel Style!

As I mentioned I travel often for work. Wether I go to New York or California or Dallas.... packing can be a challenge! I try to always fit everything into a carry-on so I don't have to deal with checking a bag. This is a necessity for me as I often am walking off the plane, catching a cab and running to a meeting. I need to be ready to go and since I don't always have time to go to my hotel first... I cannot lug around a huge bag.

Finding something that is comfortable to travel in but good enought to go to meeting to is challenging. Additionally, making the most out of what I pack is key. Jersey or knits are great! They don't wrinkle are easier to get a spot out if you spill something and are comfortable. Look for ones that look expensive though... there is a lot of cheap jersey out there! Black pants and black dress (or skirt) are must haves to mix with matching blazer or separates.

Here are some work and travel outfits to get you through a week of meetings. All these outfits are put together with a few key items:

1. Black Dress
2. Knit Black Pant
3. Pink Blouse
4. Cream Sweater
5. Black Satin Flats
6. Cute Scarf
7. Rhinestone Studs
8. Black Belt
9. Black Blazer
10. Grey Knit Top/Cardigan combo

Day One: Flight in AM and Meetings in PM

Day Two

Day Five

Surplus Outfit!
This is what I would fly home in! I love a scarf on a plane to keep my neck warm! Also, I like to throw something comfy in that I can put on in evenings when I am done with a day of meetings. Something comfortable that I can go to non-work dinner in. If you want to squeeze a pair of jeans in bag too... this would be perfect and comfy with your favorite denim!

The key to work packing is to bring accessories (and shoes) that go with each outfit so you don't have to have too much "extra" stuff. You will get VERY sick of those accessories by the end of the week- but it helps keep your suitcase small!

Throw in your ziplock of products/cosmetics. Some sweats to sleep in (I get the thin jersey ones so I can roll them up real small.) Sometimes I throw in a cardigan (grey or black) just for peace of mind in case I need something extra and a pair of jeans and flip flops (if it is warm) and you are packed!

In the near future I will do a post for suits. When I go to NYC... I generally just live in one black or grey suit and then switch up the tops underneath. I am VERY picky about shirts to wear with suits!

Pack it up! Until Next Time....xoxo

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