Monday, March 1, 2010

B.C.- Book Covers!

Okay, I posted a few weeks ago about shelves. Well, I am still struggling with my massive bookshelf trying to find a way to make it functional yet attractive. The husband recently added some molding and shelf reinforcements, so it is a bit sturdier. Additionally, he added some under shelf lighting... which adds a nice ambiance!

So, one of the first steps I have taken to beautiful my shelves is to cover all my books. I wanted to give them a uniform look and for them to "match" the room. I have told a few folks about covering my books and they laugh. Apparently this is the height of OCD. But hey, you are what you are ... right!?

So, I am not going to unveil my shelves today. In truth, there is nothing to unveil yet. But, I will show you some of my book cover inspiration!

Check it out!

These ones below you can buy! Check out Book Jackets City!

You can keep it "old school" with paper grocery bags or use fancy new decorative paper. You could even use cloth! I used wrapping paper for mine from one of my favorite places, Paper Source.

So like I said, I am waiting to show you the whole "Sha Bang" when the shelves are done. But, in the meantime, I will give you a small taste! Ready...

This is the rug in the room!
Which is of course, is the color inspiration for the shelves and everything else!!!

I bought solid wrapping paper in the yellow color and here are a few of my books! :)

Want more? You will have to wait. It is a work in progress! Creating a masterpiece needs time, especially when you are type A! :)

Until next time.....xoxo

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