Thursday, March 11, 2010

A is for Awesome. House Beautiful Tweeted!

So, perusing through my comments this week, I got a new reader Kara! Thanks for joining Kara. She informed me that she found me through House Beautiful's tweet on Monday. I went to their twitter page and indeed... there it is! Cannot believe it! I LOVE House Beautiful. I recently bonded with a woman at jury duty as we both shared our love of the magazine.

The tweet says...

Every day this week is dedicated to 1 color. Today is red. Such a plan could help me get dressed in the morning. ~AMK

I cannot figure out who AMK is of the listed tweeters... but thanks! I appreciate the shout out! As I like to say... freaking awesome! :)

Blue is tomorrow.... hope you are ready. It was House Beautiful's Blue issue that inspired this whole week of posts! Thanks House Beautiful!

Until next time...xoxo


  1. Howdy.

    AMK is me. Aaron Krach (features editor)
    dorky photo in B&W on the twitter page.


  2. Excellent! Thanks so much for reading and for tweeting about me! I really appreciate it. Made my week.