Tuesday, March 23, 2010

L is for love. Love this bag!!!!

Okay, the new spring Norstroms catalog came and it has some great things in it! I immediately fell in love with this bag. I think it is so perfect for spring. Just looking at the prints make me happy! I thought the bag must be out of my price range, but I was shocked when I looked at the description and saw it was made by Fossil and was around $50 bucks! It looks like a much more expensive bag than it is. These large prints are huge right now.

I showed the bag to my friend "B" and she too fell in love. We were arguing over which print was the best. They are all freaking adorable! These prints (Felicity line) come in a variety of different styles... so depending on what your handbag carrying preference is, there is something for you. They have wallets, wristlets, bucket bags, cross body satchels, and a shopper tote style.

You can check out these bags at a variety of sites: AmazonNordstroms, Fossil, Macys, and E-Bags.

Pick one out for yourself! Until next time...xoxo

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