Monday, March 15, 2010

L! Liberty of London!

Okay, Liberty of London hit targets yesterday. I should have been in line at Target at 6:30 am, but was not. I was preparing for company and in truth to lazy to venture out in the pouring rain! My friend "S" though was there. She is die hard. She was there with Orla Kiely debuted too. She is hip and yes... she is cool.

Well, "S" said it was just plain crazy. But there was much love and bonding for those in love with the prints and flowers... and all things pink and purple! Liberty .... is from London... duh and is known for their super cheerful prints! For those that have been to the store in London.... excitement could not be contained for the American debut.

Liberty of London's line at Target included clothing (women, men, and children), throw pillows, duvet covers, dishes, picture frames, garden accessories, scarves, and so much more! I have not yet gotten the skinny on what "S" bought. It is my understanding that she bought a ton and then returned half of it as she went from store to store. Did I mention that she is die hard?

Perusing the website... lots of stuff is obviously already sold out, but... if it were not, I think these would be the items I would have purchased!

Love this wallet....cannot get enough of a kisslock close and the pattern... ooh! :)
This scarf rocks too. Yes, it is the same pattern as the wallet, but I just like this pattern... okay?

My husband would kill me if I brought this bedding home, but can we talk about how cute it is?

Hello adorable two tier tray! Wanna come home with mama?
The husband has been trying to get me to bike ride. I don't ride bikes. But, this one is so damn cute I might just reconsider!
This dress is a must have for my freaking cute!

This box would look killer in my downstairs bathroom.... on the back of the toilet. Love it!
Enough photos, you get the idea.... loads for adorable stuff! Here are some photos captured on site from the hip "S". "S" thanks for sharing!

Carriages full of florals... almost makes you forget all the rain! Until next time....xoxo

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