Monday, March 22, 2010

P.W.... Picture Wall...

So, I have been wanting to blog about picture walls for a while, but have not. But now, I have to! You know when you see an amazing idea and you wonder .... "why didn't I think of that". Well, that just happened to me.

I am a fan of photo walls (also known as picture walls, or galleries). I have photos (all in coordinating black frames) going up my stairs. It includes photos old and new and black/white and color. The similiar frames tie the look together.

I also have a small photo wall/gallery in my upstairs hallway. This one is mostly photos that I took in France with a few purchased photos thrown in. They are all photos of doors and windows that utilize the color teal or aqua. I have had some challenges getting this particular photo wall just right! Partially becuase we live in an old house with horse hair plaster, so when you put something up... you need to stick with it or be prepared to patch the hole and crack.

Well, if you are afraid to put up a photo wall of your own. There is a site that you need to check out, it is called Picture Wall Company! I found it when I was killing some time on House Beautiful's website (look at idea #37).

To quote from Picture Wall Company's website, it allows you to "hang 10 picture frames (sold with template) quickly and precisely anywhere in your home. It uses our revolutionary and Patented "Pre-View” Template technology allowing you to determine placement, height and character of frames all without measuring and before the first hook is ever entered into your wall."
Hello, is this an amazing concept or what!? My sister needs this!!! I once told her to cut out construction paper the size of each frame she wanted to hang and test out arrangement before she used nails in wall. She laughed out loud! She is not as OCD as me!

Have I mentioned that I love photo walls? Here is some inspiration photos, do you love them too?

Here are a few photos from my photo walls!  

This one upstairs needs some work... but I have not felt like dealing with patching the wall.  But... someday soon they will get a re-design!!!  The current arrangement is a bit ackward.

You can use family photos, postcards, artwork, or whatever! A picture wall can work in any room; a hallway, bedroom, dining room, etc!

Do it! Until next time...xoxo

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  1. Hey, Courtney, we had an old home in Union, Maine with the same horse hair plaster. Try placing a piece of tape over the spot where the nail will go. It helps prevent the cracking and disintegrating of the plaster.

    Pretty pictures.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jan!!! I will definitely try that! :)