Thursday, March 18, 2010

U is for Update. Chandelier Update!

So, I blogged a few months ago about my quest for a white chandelier. White chandeliers are hard to come by.... at a reasonable price at least! I bought a chandelier online at Lighting Universe. I will use this opportunity to express how god awful Lighting Universe is. Do a quick google search of Lighting Universe complaints and you will see! (I should have done BEFORE I purchased, but did not.) Long story short they are sketchy thieves!

The chandelier arrived and was horrible. It looked like a white chandelier with metal roses. When it arrived it was actually foam roses (dipped in glitter) glued to a white chandelier. YIKES! Lighting Universe made it impossible to return. Literally they would not provide me with the info to return it. 10 calls and multiple emails later plus a letter to the Better Business Bureau and another to Attorney General.... in total almost a month of shear frustration and they let me return it. But, they charged me $70 for return shipping. $70 when I only paid $200 for the light... was absurd. Okay, enough of that. All I can say is beware!

Well, I bought a new light and love it. I bought the Renais Chandelier at Ballard Designs.

I love Ballard! It is perfect. The husband picked up the perfect ceiling medallion which perfectly coordinates with the chandelier and hung them a few weeks ago. We still need to get chandelier shades for it... but it is a million times better than the 1980's brass thing that hung there before!

Dining room is still work in progress, so will debut the whole room at a later date! But, here is the chandelier and ceiling medallion. More to come... including shades, new curtains and hopefully some paint!! Add in due time.. so many projects so little money!

Until Next Time...xoxo

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