Monday, April 26, 2010

C is for Colorful! Shoes!

Okay, today is the start of another series and it focuses on color!  Instead of focusing on just one color, I thought I would spice things up a bit!  This time I am focusing on items that come in every shade of the rainbow!  Have you ever seen an item you like and wished it came in another color?  Well this week is for you!

Today, it is about shoes!  Sporty or dressy, we have you covered!

This first shoe is absolutely so darn cute and is a flat from Talbots.  I think Talbots has come a long way.  It used to be kind of mom-ish, but now they have great stylish classic staples for your closet.  These shoes come in 11 colors!  Yes, 11!  (Adriatic, Meadow Green, Rose Door, Rhododendron, Daffodil Yellow, Porcelain Blue, Picasso, Clay, Brown, Black and Dark Pewter).  In short,  they probably have a color you want!  Buy em'!!!  Here is just a few of the color options!

Want something more summery?  I think espadrilles are the perfect summer shoe!  I cannot get enough.  These espadrilles from Moda Spana (via Amazon) are hot!  They come in six summery and chic colors.  Get a few pairs!  These few are my favorites!

Looking for something more casual?  Frye sneakers offer a cute and comfy sneaker in a plethora of colors!  14 colors to be exact, too many for me to name!  I stop at 11! :)   Looking for a shade of red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple... they probably have you covered!   Also have some great neutral options.  Buy yourself a pair at Frye.

Keds is another brand offering a rainbow of colors.  Keds immediately bring me back to middle school in that cool yet retro way!  Check out their offerings on their site!  You can design your own in any shade of the rainbow!

Color your world! :)   Any shade will do!  Next up....Watches!  Until next time....xoxo

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  1. You are so right! Color just makes me happy. Did you see these adorable clutches in tons of colors?