Tuesday, April 27, 2010

C is for Colorful! Watches!

If you saw the start of my series yesterday, you know I am devoting this entire week to color.  All items this week are items that come in a variety (I mean a whole lot) of colors!   Today I am looking at watches.  I have had watches on the brain this week!  I am going to Hilton Head this summer and determined that I need a sporty watch that can get wet and that I don't have to worry about!   What that translates to is fun and inexpensive.

All the magazines this month have some sort of colorful watch in them.  It is a hot trend!   Do you want Blue?  Pink?  Yellow?  Orange?  There is something out there for you!

How about this cute number from Anne Klein?  It won't break the bank at $55 (plus offering 25% off at checkout)!  

Want something even more sporty?  Maybe digital?  How about this watch from Adidas available at Macys?

Wants something with some bling?  Maybe something a bit less sporty, but still colorful and fun?  Check out this Stella Watch by Fossil!    It comes in more than 11 colors.  These three are my favorites!  So rich and lovely!

I am definitely picking up a sporty watch.  I want something that screams summer vacation!  If only my vacation was a bit sooner!   Until next time.....xoxo

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