Friday, May 28, 2010

F is for Followers!

Two things have led me to write this post.  One...I have no internet at home (and won't until later today).  Two... I want more followers!  Now, I have a stats counter, so I know people read my blog but are not yet followers!  This is a plea from me to you.  I am trying hard to grow my reader audience and would love it if you would join my followers list on the right.  For those of you new to blogging- this does not make you get emails or messages or any of that.  Instead, it just shows you like me... you really really like me. :)

I have 27 followers today!  So, I am a woman who likes to get goals.  I would love to get to 50 followers by the end of June.  To do this, not only do I need you to become a follower, I need you to sent this to at least 5 friends (who enjoy reading about fashion, home decor and style) and tell them to become followers too!

You will see from my blogroll at the right, most of my favorite blogs have LOTS of followers!  If you have not already perused those blogs you should do so- they are great!

Okay, that is my plea for today!   Please pray for my internet signal to return! :) 

Until next time...xoxo

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