Tuesday, June 8, 2010

D.S....Denim Skirt!

I cannot get enough of a denim/jean skirt.  It is my summer staple- wear every day item!  I don't wear shorts, so denim skirt is my version of shorts!  I am quite particular in what I like.  I don't like jean skirts that are too short.  I like a classic skirt in the perfect shade of denim!   It is one of those things that I cannot have enough of and I am constantly looking for my new "favorite".

I did a quick google search to find some jean skirts worthy of an honorable mention!

Banana Republic


J Crew (on sale right now!)

"Not Your Daughter's Jeans" Skirt by way of Zappos

Forever 21

Anne Klein (by way of Amazon)

Ralph Lauren Lori Skirt (by way of Amazon)

Gap Maternity.  This perfect skirt should be in non-maternity too!  So cute!

If you find the perfect right below the knee jean skirt that I cannot live without... do let me know!  Until next time....xoxo
PS- Thank you to my new followers; we are up to 40!  At this rate, I might make my 50 person goal by end of the month.  Many many thanks!

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  1. These all look great! My favorite is from Forever 21. I like wait belt on skirts. Perfect to gain shape. Have a great day!