Tuesday, June 22, 2010

F is for Floors! Cool Floors!

I recently stumbled across some very cool floors.  I know you don't always think floors are cool, but they can be!  We are a finished room in our basement that needs an identity (currently is a very rarely used "Man Town").  I have dreams of taking this room over and my first project would be to paint the worn wood floor to create a checkerboard!  You can learn how to paint a floor from This Old House

Check out these very cool floors for inspiration in a variety of materials and styles!

Photo via unknown

Photo via Design Sponge

Photo via Young House Love

Photo via Making it Lovely!

Photo via County Living

Photo via Ranch Dressings

Photo via Ranch Dressings

The options are endless!  Until next time....xoxo


  1. Love all those floors, it makes me want to do something like that to my patio floor.

    Regarding painting my fireplace cover, I took it out and took the glass out of it and painted it outside with high heat resistant black spray paint. Hope this helps :)

  2. Colors truly brings out life and energy in a room. A couple of weeks ago, I helped my sister renovate their kitchen. We went to our nearby (Sarasota) flooring store and we were amazed with the different selections of tiles. Each tile (Sarasota) is beautifully crafted. Finally, my sister chose these beautiful vinyl tiles and when installed in the kitchen, gave the room a new definition.

    Thanks for sharing these inspiring photos. I never knew that painting the floors can create a fantastic transformation in a room. I might as well try it in our patio.