Monday, June 21, 2010

A is for Ace! Hotel!

Last week I was asked for fly to New York for work.  It was really last minute (48 hrs notice) so finding a hotel in the area I needed to be proved to be slightly challenging.  I wanted to stay near where I had to be for work and could not spend a ton of money.  After perusing Orbitz, I discovered that the most afforable and not sketchy option was the Ace Hotel.

The "bunk bed" room was the cheapest at $280.... figuring it was just one night, I said fine!  The "queen" was another $180 more a night which seemed unnecessary!    Upon check-in they upgraded me anyways (for free)- so it all worked out.

Upon arriving at the Ace it was clear that I was simply not cool enough!  This hotel is cool.... really really cool!  They apparently only have locations in New York, Portland (Oregon), Seattle, New York and Palm Springs.  Each are cool and unique in their own way!

When I got there the lobby was FULL of hipsters drinking coffee and working on their laptops.  This is clearly a hot spot for artists, poets, musicians, etc!   Later that night even more of that same crowd was having a alcoholic beverage of their choice.

The Ace is so cool that it was just on Gilt Group's Jetsetter last week (Palm Springs) which is a true sign of cool!  Check it out to see the hip CA version of this hotel.  Very retro!

Here are some photos so you can check out the cool factor for yourself!

Photo via

Photo via Hotel Chatter

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Photo via me!

Photo via me!

Photo via me!

It was  fun, cool, and affordable experience!  Check out the Ace for yourself.  Until next time..xoxo

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