Wednesday, June 23, 2010

M + P = Meal Planning

I hate hate hate having a long and tiring day at work only to come home and here "What should we have for dinner?"!  Grrr.  When I come home at 6:30 I don't want to have to then head to the grocery store.  I think when two people work it is important to "share" household responsibilities like cooking or at least planning dinner!  

A little less than a year ago I implemented meal planning.  I was inspired after visiting my friend "L" in D.C last year who has her own meal planning routine in her house!   How does it work you ask?  The husband and I each rotate weeks.  The week you are in charge it means you have to plan the meals for the week and buy the groceries.  We typically cook together.  

Menu Planning has had a great impact in our house.  When it is my week, I plan it all out on Sunday or Monday and buy the groceries for the whole week.  This is great as it allows you to utilize particular ingredients in a few recipes.  My husband who is not really a planner plans each day one by one and grocery shops throughout the week.  At times this is annoying but in short, I don't care.  If I don't have to decide and "be in charge".... I just let him do his thing!

You can get even more advanced than we do and include breakfast, lunch, etc.  We focus just on dinner for now.  I used to just plan on notebook paper but eventually got around to designing an template.  There are also a lot of great templates on the web if you google meal planning or menu planning. 

Here is my template:  
You can get as sophisticated or not as you want.  I don't create a fancy meal every night.  Sometimes BLT and salad is my designed dinner.  On other nights I whip out my favorite cookbook and try something new.  Still other nights are "On Your Own Night" if one of us is going to be out or home late.  

This has been a huge thing in our house and has saved us money as planning allows us not to have to eat out as often and also we bicker less because we take turns!  Check out Organized Home for some menu planning tips!

Project Girl also has some downloadable meal planning forms you should check out including this one:


Try it for yourself!  Until next time...xoxo

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