Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have LOVED these pillows for a long time.  I saw them ages ago at a boutique somewhere and thought they were so darned lovely.  I recently recommended these pillows to my sister for her downstairs family room.  They have a finished basement that they have avoided decorating for a while but they have finally go to work!  They have some great maps they want to hang on the the wall, so I suggested they do a travel/map theme throughout.  These pillows, although expensive, fit that theme perfectly!

There are very few times where I splurge on something expensive, but these could just be it!  The sister and brother-in-law have lived in DC, Chicago, and Boston.  They have traveled through France (following Tour de France) and went to college an married in Maine!  They have plenty of pillow options!

These pillows are hand embroidered (hence the $150 price tag).  These are the types of pillows you have FOREVER!!!  Great on a couch, bed, chair, breakfast nook.... wherever!  They have all the states, but also have cities, countries, state parks, and more!

I think the sister and brother-in-law need these ones!  

Which ones do you want?  You can busy these at Cat Studio (which also makes drinking glasses, dish towels, trays and more).  Also can find them at Uncommon Goods, and Chasing Fireflies.  

I want some for myself!  Until next time...xoxo

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