Friday, June 4, 2010

W is for Wist List...

No... that is not a mis-spell for wish.   I made a Wist List!   Had you noticed?  It has been along the right side of my blog all this week! :)  

What is a Wist you ask?  Wist is short for web lists- shareable image bookmarks from any website.  With Wist your wishlists are not limited to just one site (my Amazon wish list is extensive),   I thought this would be a cool way for me to share all the things on my "want "or at least "like".  A few of the most recent selections will appear directly on my blog or you can click on the link that says "powerd by Wist" at the bottom of the list and you can see the full range! 

My list is very short right now- just wanted to get some things in there.  But, over time... this list will grow!   The best part is that Wist links directly to the site I saw it at so... if you want it yourself, you can buy it too!

What is on your wist list?  Until next time....xoxo

PS- Up to 31 Followers... come on.... anyone else?  Thanks to those who have become followers already.  You are the best! :)

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