Thursday, July 1, 2010

N is for Nine! 9 By Design!

Is anyone else totally obsessed with "9 by Design"?  I freaking love this show.  I only recently stumbled across it on Bravo, but I am TOTALLY hooked.

 If you do not know about this show- you can check out the synopsis here.  In short, it is a reality show about this very hip couple in New York who are amazing decorators and have 7 children. (Photo to left courtesy of NY Times)  They do all sorts of design, but most impressively they buy old crappy buildings and turn them into AMAZING homes!

Here is some of their masterpieces!

They have a great book which highlights their work!  Go buy it!

I want the Novogratz's life... well.. minus 5 of those kids.  7 might be too much for me! :)  But, when you see this show you see that the mom (Courtney) is the glue that keeps things together and she is super cool!  God bless her!

Until next time....xoxo

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