Wednesday, August 18, 2010

B is for Backyard.... still dreaming!

Yes, I have mentioned the current state of our backyard many a times like here.  We were hoping to make some serious process this summer, but .... with the heat, a baby on the way and limited resources that did not happen.  There is always next summer.  We did do a lot of demolition this summer, but rebuilding and planting did not really progress too far forward!

In the meantime, I keep photos of all the backyards and patio spaces that inspire me.  Someday..... I dream.... I will have a perfect backyard!

Here is some more of my inspiration from the "Courtney Files"!
(Sorry I don't have sources, these were saved a while ago onto my computer.)

Do you watch the show Yard Crashers?  I love that show and always dream that Ahmed Hassan will come save my backyard!  Ahmed.... I am waiting!  Pretty please?  We are your perfect candidates!

Until next time.......xoxo

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