Thursday, August 19, 2010

C is for Craiglist!

Since I have not done this in a while, I thought I would peruse Craigslist and share some "Craigslist Finds".  Yes, buying on Craiglist can take time, energy and patience.... but it can be so worth it!  I have shared my Craiglist Farm table with you, best $200 I ever spent!

Check out these cute and cheap finds from Boston's Craigslist! 
This farm table is amazing and needs only a little TLC.  $235

Love this School House Desk!  Perfect for kids room or nook somewhere.  
Paint it or leave it as is.   Bargain price is $75. 

Gotta have some vision here, but this could be AMAZING!!!  Since it is flat top it is a perfect bench of coffee table or at foot of bed.  Clean it up and paint it!  Great storage.  Too good to pass up at $50. 

This is a cute set for $125.  Perfect for kids room or country cottage.  
Spray paint it white or some other "beachy" color.

Just a small sampling of the "finds" you can get at your local Craigs List!  Until next time....xoxo

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