Tuesday, August 17, 2010

N & L... now and later fashion!

So, between the fact that it is summer and that I am pregnant....I am living in dresses these days!   As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am trying to get away with getting as much non maternity stuff as possible.  Thought I would share some dresses (friendly for bump or not) that you can wear now and into the fall!

I shared a Target dress a few weeks ago and have a few more Target dresses to show you!  I know... I hate to repeat myself, but these are cute dresses at an affordable price that can be worn NOW and also LATER into fall (throw on some tights and a cardigan).  And most (not all) are maternity friendly at least for first two trimesters!

This one is the bargain price of $13.98
Now:  Long necklace and  bright sandals.
Later:  black tights, bright cardigan, colorful necklace and coordinating colorful peep-toe.
This one come in lots of colors.  I bought the grey for bargain price of $20.
Now:  black flip flops and black bracelet.  
Later:  black tights, black cardigan, coordinating scarf and cute flats.
This one surely won't fit me now at 6 months... but perhaps I will buy for later! :)  It is the perfect navy.
Now:  silver flats and vintage rhinestone brooch.
Later:  black tights and black cardigan with jewelry that incorporates black and navy.  (See past post on black and blue together!)  
Cute dress in brown!  Flattering for all and ready for fall.
Now:  brown or print (with brown in it) espadrille.
Later:  black tights (or black and brown pattern tights) and black cardigan or forget tights and do knee high black boots. 
This is THE perfect black dress and is on sale for $28!
Now:  Colorful brooch or chandelier earring and coordinating sandals.
Later:  black tights, blazer or cardigan, sexy black heels, and long strand of pearls.
Now, let me just say that I don't like the way Target styles their clothes. You have to have a vision for these looks... but there is a lot of possibility!  My favorite thing about Target..... most items can be returned to store if they don't work out.  Saves you a trip to the post office.

Until next time....xoxo

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